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About Wicked:

The Short Version

We are a raiding guild on the Malorne server, Horde faction. We are focused on all end-game content Blizzard makes available to us. Our approach is to recruit pleasant people with a community spirit, then if they are interested in raiding utilize logs and trial raids to place them into a team that best matches their current performance level and preferred style of play, from LFR to Hardcore. Non raiders are also very welcome. 

While we currently have 2 10m semi-hardcore teams (1 finished last tier at 2/13 H after having to replace 4 MT’s and the other finished at 11/12 N after starting more than halfway through the tier), we are expanding to offer multiple guild raids at four distinct levels of play.

All raid teams run between 7pm and 12pm Central Standard Time (some are 8-11, some are 8-12, and some are 7-10). The level of intensity determines how many days are required.

We began in 2007 as a progression raiding guild that wanted to maintain the atmosphere of a social family guild.  Our loot rules always involve straight rolls that are modified by raid-wide loot council style discussion and voluntary passing to others on the team who would benefit more from a particular piece. 

Our GM is the same person who founded our first raid team 8 years ago and then founded Wicked in 2007.  Our officers are elected.

We are also the home of the LowPopWow podcast (Hathorr is our GM )and partial home of the MyEpicHeals podcast (Hathorr, Pitango, and Wolfshade are guild members).

Sound Good?

Due to our democratic structure, we ask that you fill out a short application: Please visit;

Want to Know More?

To learn more about how to earn a progression or casual raiding position, please click here to see an overview of our various raid options and how to achieve them.  We also offer a social rank for those interested in questing, leveling, achievements, and pet battles.

Who we need:

Anyone who is kind, courteous, friendly, helpful, and respectful of others in an online community.  Our raid teams are looking for players interested in transitioning from current raid structure to Heroic and Mythic teams in Warlords of draenor, and current immediate needs are for healers and ranged dps for T/W/Th 8-11pn CST and healers and dps for Sa 8-12am CST.  These are both semi-hardcore progression teams so the ability to maintain high performance levels in a casual atmosphere are required.

By: Hathorr/Argothea- Guild Leader of Wicked

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Listener Event oSunday, August 4: Come Raid With MyEpicHeals

by Argothea, 1732 days ago

Next Sunday during the normal podcast stream time we will be doing a MyEpicHeals listener event! You can sign up for "Raid with MyEpicHeals" at Open Raid here:

Just please be sure to keep in mind the minimum iLevel for ToT LFR, and be sure to sign up with the correct toon.

I am not certain just how many people will be signing up, so if we get more than the 25 we can fit, we will be using a random number generator to randomly select who will be offered invitations to be as fair as possible. The more flexible you can be, however (adding a note that you can perform more than one role) will help your chances. Healing spots will almost entirely be filled by the podcast's show hosts, however, so I recommend not signing up as heals.

I'm not sure how many sections we will have time for, but we will be live streaming and will probably pause before and after each boss to talk a little about class specific healing strategies, then later edit those into a show episode.

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